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HSS Drill Bits

HSS Drill Bits

or high speed steel drill bits are a type of steel drill bit that have a far higher resistance to heat that a standard drill bit. Generally they are used to drill all types of materials such as metal and hardwood but at higher cutting speeds than would be used with normal carbon steel drill bits. In most professional applications high speed steel drill bits have replaced carbon steel drill bits as the standard drill bit.

An alternative to high speed steel drill bits are cobalt steel alloy drill bits, they are basically a high speed steel bit with a greater amount of cobalt in there make up. Cobalt steel alloy drill bits are generally used for drilling stainless steel as they retain more hardness at higher temperatures. The reason why they are not used more widely is mainly due to the fact that they are very brittle and therefore extremely easy to brake.

Beacon Trade and Tool Hire Ltd hold a wide range of drill bits of all varieties and for all applications. Our well trained staff are always willing to share there knowledge with you and to advise you to the best of their knowledge. What ever the job we have a HSS Drill Bits to suit your requirements.

HSS Drill Bits
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