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Bright Panel Pins

Bright Panel Pins

Bright Panel Pins

Sourced from quality manufacturers and manufactured to meet all British and European standards, Beacon stock a vast range of wire nails made in all finishes and also stock stainless steel nails.

Sold per kg - Bulk box size available (20kg)

Please call our sales team for more information and a competitive quote on round head nails,brad nails,lost head nails,annular ring shank nails,cut nails,clout nails,staples,dewalt gun nails,paslode gun nails,available in stainless steel,available in galvanized,sheradized finish.

Quote Item Box Qty Ex VAT Price Inc VAT Quantity
01BT0530088 Brt Panel Pins 15 x 1.25 1 25.40 30.48
01BT0530089 Brt Panel Pins 20 x 1.60 1 25.40 30.48
01BT0530090 Brt Panel Pins 25 x 1.60 1 25.40 30.48
01BT0530091 Brt Panel Pins 30 x 1.60 1 25.40 30.48
01BT0530092 Brt Panel Pins 40 x 1.60 1 25.40 30.48
01BT0530093 Brt Panel Pins 50 x 2.0 1 25.40 30.48
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