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Paslode have over twenty year experience and are one of the most popular choices for professionals. They provide high quality, cordless first fix nailing applications via high pressure gas nail technology and without the need for a gas compressor. They offer a range of different units including straight brad nailers, angled brad nailers, finish brad, metal roofing and frame angled nailers. Thus providing a fully comprehensive solution to the construction industry in the form of a range of gas fuel cell nail guns. Paslode also provide a tailored range of consumables for their product range including replacement fuel cells and a variety of different nail packs tailored to suit different applications.

A nail gun is a tool that is used to drive nails into a material such as wood. Often electromagnetism, compressed air, flammable gasses or an explosive charge is used to provide the force required to embed the nail. Nail guns have now, in large replaced the hammer as they allow the professional to be more time efficient.

Beacon Trade and Tool Hire Ltd are proud suppliers of this product range, which comes highly recommended by us. We stock a wide range of different units as well as many accessories. If you donít want to be let down then we believe that Paslode is a name to be trusted.

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